Sunday, November 13, 2011


Hello Blog-land, I am Katie. I just moved to Chico California, with my boyfriend, John, and my best friend, Salena. I do many things with my life, recently I have been doing a lot of crafting such as sewing, and knitting. I also love cooking vegetarian dishes and baking vegan friendly goodies for my family and friends. John and I spend a lot of time riding our bicycles around town and through the enormous park, and we are always interested in other sports. I love decorating my house to be cute and cozy but functional for the lifestyles of three 20 somethings. Finally I love taking pictures of all of it.
I want this Blog to be informative and fun, I want to share the things my friends and I are creating and doing in hopes that others like us will get creative and active too.
I hope that if you have an alley this blog will be up it!
: )
more to come

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