Thursday, November 17, 2011

Room to Live

I love my home actually, I love all of the things inside of my home. John and I spent about two months getting our living room finished and finally, it looks amazing. It's warm and inviting like a living room should be. 
 Collection of mounted stuffed animal heads. 
a close up on the bookshelves.
We find a lot of the art, and pieces we decorate our house with, at thrift stores. Like our stuffed animal heads, we found them, and being that we're vegetarians, thought they were funny and really cute. The small table in the picture was given to us, for my birthday, by our friends Tony, Laura, Mikey, and Erik, who each had a part in making it.  We are so lucky  to have been given some wonderful pieces by friends and family members, like our "Nixon Resigning" newspaper from John's Grandmother, Jane,  and the Mama and Baby owl our friend Mikey me. 
the sconces frame our projectors image.
Our home is pretty cozy and I can only imagine it will get better, after all home is where the heart is, and we're just renting. I'll post more of our house as more rooms become complete. For such a small house, it really is a huge process. 

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