Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Best Friends B-day

So while most everyone else was in a food coma post Thanksgiving, Salena, John and I were counting down until midnight, and gearing up for the night ahead. Now you might ask me " Katie, what did you receive for all of this waiting?" Well friends, since I asked for you, I and the rest of Chico's legal drinkers welcomed my best friend Salena to the scene.
Our night started by being turned away at Bella's, a sports bar, and told by the girl at the doors that most of the other bars in town didn't allow the power two hour past midnight on ones birthday. We were not discouraged and tried a second bar, and with some negotiation on memory of the exact date we were allowed inside.

And Salena had her first beer in a bar legally.
We stayed at the bar until last call, and then we came back home and carried on from there. Salena and I actually ended up staying up until about 9 the next morning, and the next night we went out again. I left my camera at home that night but we had an amazing night, of drinking, dancing and friends.

I am So happy I got to spend Salena's birthday with her. It was so special and very very fun.

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